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God’s promises are an invitation to experience His character, love, and plans for you on a deeper level. Each hollow from Promise Chocolates is a carefully-crafted, tasty exterior filled with invitations to experience God’s commitment to you in a new way.

Deliciously Inspirational

Each box comes with at least one of our Signature Hollow Chocolates. Every Hollow
has a random scripture inside and it is our belief that the Holy Spirit will deliver each
promise to the intended receiver. Our hope is that you see God’s promises in your life
through His holy word.

Our Hollows

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Our Mission



Find out what our hollows and our mission is here at Promise Chocolates.

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Words from the chocolate lovers

~ Angie

"Promise chocolates are simply delicious! I absolutely love that
each box comes with a promise from God! I am so excited to bless my friends
and family with these!"

~ Jennifer

"The packaging is beautiful and the chocolates tasted amazing!"

~ Shalawn

These Chocolates were soooo divine. They were rich in flavor and and just melt in your mouth. I loved the combination of flavor with Carmel, Chocolate & cashews. The packaging and the inspirational message were amazing. This is definitely a product of high quality!




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